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Funtastic Learning Toys is much more than an online toy store with educational toys for kids. Our primary focus is on the special needs of a child’s education and development. Our toys and products for special needs students, both gifted and delayed, improve development at home, homeschool, daycare, or school. Funtastic Learning Toys also provides resources dedicated to the requirements of parents, teachers and therapists working with children’s special needs.

Special Needs Students

Although our children's learning toys and educational products are intended for use by any child, Funtastic Learning Toys focuses on promoting its products to help children with special needs. As every parent of a child with special needs knows, self-expression and self-reliance are essential parts of the child's development. Because of this, Funtastic Learning Toys emphasizes learning toys and educational products which develop self expression through art, music, pretend and role playing. Self-reliance comes about through the development of basic life skills and, as such, Funtastic Learning Toys promotes learning toys and education products which develop basic life skills while stimulating both mental and physical development.


Funtastic Learning Toys cares about the health and safety of the children, teachers and parents who use our products. We rely on the manufacturers, publishers and importers assurance that they are in compliance with controlling, monitoring, testing, and certification of their products to ensure that the products we distribute are safe and that they conform to all rules, regulation, bans and laws to which they are subject.
Choke Hazard Symbol Warnings are associated with products on our site which require precautions when using those particular products. Similar warnings are also found on the product packaging. These warnings are for the protection of the children which use them. Ignoring these warnings or using products for other than their intended use can result in serious injury or death.

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